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The Situation On The Immigration Status In Trinidad And Tobago.

Discussion in 'Society & Culture' started by unknown, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    The immigration dilemma


    For some time now I have been addressing the situation on the immigration status in Trinidad and Tobago and thus in my utmost opinion is alarming

    The influx of Venezuelans and Colombians has been alarming.
    Back in 2005 or so there was a increase on execution Style murders or hits which was done by Venezuelan hit men hiding here in the country , also Colombian drug men and their overseeing of drug activities
    Hence the amount of women here which are used for taking back the little foreign currency that is remaining here...
    Also the amount of illegal workers who is working undocumented and taking back the foreign exchange , they are also responsible for a parallel black market price of the US dollar in Trinidad at 8-9 tt to one dollar ..
    Doing the same thing that was done in Venezuela when their reserves we going dry hence of the shortage .
    Just recently i saw a post of a Venezuelan guy who was selling 20 thousand US dollars at 8.5 tt per dollar ,now I ask is he a bank to have that amount of us ..
    Then there is the factor of the guns coming in the country by the Venezuelans themselves I mean a gun is like 300-400 us in Venezuela which can often be sold in Trinidad at 1000 - 1500 us at least so is business .
    BTW... it have no body search on the cedros port neither at the embarking port in Venezuela so it coming in legal . The we have the factor of all these women coming in causing all types of scenarios.
    My opinion rape and incest on the rise since the influx of women cause sick men seeing these scantly clad women and getting frantic and doing sick things , bars, strip clubs , malls etc .. recently spoke to someone and they mentioned that Trinidadian women have now to compete with these women cause of the certain elements associated etc... human trafficking has been on the rise.
    Theory is that ppl are being taken to Guyana , we have alot of Guyanese in Trinidad and due to the now exploration of oil and gold with foreign investor in Guyana , there have been a demand for women so it has been proven that these women are actually being taken to Guyana thru Venezuela thru the southern part of the country ... drugs guns prostitution has all the foreign elements to be dealt with firstly by immigration, police and coast guard

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