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The Government Says The Treasury Is Empty Huh

Discussion in 'Politics and Gov Discussions' started by unknown, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    The government says the treasury is empty -but they are spending over 1 billion a week of the tax payers money and they are not telling the tax payers what they are spending this money on---they raise taxes in almost everything - they are not disclosing their own assets or where they got the billions to buy the many properties and the many expensive vehicles they have or how many millions they have in their own banks accounts especially when they are working nowhere just living off the tax payers money-- Now they want to pass new laws that every taxpayers must tell the government where they got the money they have in their bank account--then they can pass this information to their kidnappers friends so soon we will have a new wave of kidnappings all over again--Why don`t the government lead by example and first disclose all their own assets to the tax payers and let the tax payers follow---

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