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Salaries Of Some Trinidad And Tobago's State Enterprises

Discussion in 'Politics and Gov Discussions' started by unknown, Jan 25, 2018.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    State entities: Where proper conditions exist for CORRUPTION!

    TTEC, WASA, TSTT, Petrotrin etc.. (All approx figures)

    TTEC CEO - 70 thousand dollars with several perks offered, inclusive of entertainment and travelling allowances

    WASA - the CEO is currently paid in excess of $80,000 per month

    TSTT - at state owned TSTT, the package collected by the CEO per month exceeds $200,000.

    NGC - President gets $150,000

    NIDCO - Nidcos president receives $50,000 basic salary, housing allowance ($7,500), entertainment allowance ($1,000) and travelling allowance ($7,500).

    NIPDEC - Nipdecs general manager’s total monthly package was $58,250 including a basic salary of $50,000 and allowances.

    UDECOTT - Udecott’s CEO is $65,000 monthly with a salary of $62,500.

    Petrotrin Approx monthly salaries
    Cleaners - 10,000
    Foreman - 22,000
    Senior engineer - 30,000
    President - 180,000
    VP - 120,000

    Did you know?
    They also employ more than 5,000 people directly and several thousands more indirectly

    They pay over 6,000 pensioners

    They provide medical services and facilities for about 20,000 employees, retirees and dependents

    They provide an annual subsidy of TT$200 million to keep the local price of cooking gas low

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