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Posgh Tries To Work With Limited Space

Discussion in 'latest News in Trinidad & Tobago' started by alexk, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. alexk

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    The Port-of-Spain General Hospital (POSGH) has begun readmitting patients but to its North Block following the full evacuation of the Central Block after last Tuesday’s 6.9 earthquake.

    This was yesterday confirmed by North-West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) CEO Wendy Ali.

    Speaking with the T&T Guardian Ali, however, stated that bed space is very limited at the institution.

    “Patients who come to the Accident and Emergency, we are stabilising who we can and the patients who really need to be admitted will be admitted to the North Block,” Ali said.

    “However, with the limited bed space, some patients will be transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and they will be transported from PoSGH to there, along with their medical records, blood samples, investigative files, etcetera.”

    Ali said so far the interim process had been smooth but said she was relieved with last evening’s re-commencement of patient admittance.

    Last Thursday, Ali said they were looking for 250 beds for the relocation of the patients who were warded in the Central Block when the massive quake struck last week. Yesterday, however, she explained that number decreased to 122 as some of the other patients were subsequently discharged.

    “So, fortunately, we were able to accommodate the relocation of those patients to the North Block and did not have to look to other RHAs.”

    With regards to the Central Block’s pending restorative works, Ali said they are still awaiting the structural report from the Urban Development Corporation of T&T (UDeCoTT) before they proceed. Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has already announced that the Government is moving forward with a new 500-bed facility to replace the Central Block.

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