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PlayStation Plus membership Price Increase - September 2016

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by SPECIES, Aug 31, 2016.


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    Aug 17, 2016
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    PlayStation Plus Prices Increase Next Month


    In order to play games online, PlayStation 4 owners are required to subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. In exchange for a fee, PS Plus provides subscribers not only with online gaming services, but also special discounts on PlayStation Store products, as well as access to a set of free games each month in its Instant Game Collection. PS Plus is required to get the most out of one’s PS4, and now Sony is upping the price for the service for the first time since its introduction in 2010, due to “current market conditions.”

    According to an update on the PlayStation Blog post featuring August’s free games, PS Plus subscribers in the United States and Canada can look forward to increased rates beginning as soon as September. In the US, the annual subscription price is increasing from $50 per year to $60, and the three month plan is increasing from $18 to $25. In Canada, the annual subscription price is jumping from $50 to $70, and the three month price will go from $18 to $30.

    Unfortunately for Canadian PS4 owners, the monthly price is increasing there as well. Whereas gamers in the United States will enjoy the same rate for their PS Plus monthly subscription (currently retailing for $9.99), Canadians are being asked to pay $12. Anyone that would like to renew their PlayStation Plus subscription with the current price points will want to do so before September 22nd. The price increase goes into effect on that date, so there’s still time to renew PlayStation Plus at a discount.



    The US$10.00 / TT$70.00 (approx.) may not be much of an increase to some but when something that was free becomes something that we have to pay for, then the price of the once free item goes up... it tends to be a bit aggravating. Especially when ways to squeeze more money out of a service is priority rather than value for money.

    Sony gives the public the impression that they provide so much for this payment, such as free games and discounts.
    The free games that they boast of giving are never something a person would rush to download or even care that it exist. The discounts that they offer are always on Old Games that people no longer buy or games that their servers no longer support.
    The only reason why people pay the fee is because they want to play online and this is the only way they can do it. So Sony will extort as much money because of this as they can.

    According to Gamespot on June 29th 2016, Sony said they had 20.8 million active Playstation plus members.


    This means that the increased amount of money they are planning get from this is approx. US$208,000,000 extra every year.

    At least give the customers some kind of value for their money!
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