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Naruto Shipuuden Episode 94 "A Night of Rain"

Discussion in 'Anime/Manga/Comics' started by admin, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Kabuto entrusts YÅ«kimaru to Guren. Naruto tries to teach Gamakichi and Gamatatsu how to use Water Style ninjutsu, as Kiba discovers that the enemy may be using bats. Tsunade decides to send out Yamato to assist Kakashi; she tells him to take Sai and Sakura, but not to tell Naruto. YÅ«kimaru falls ill and Guren and him are forced to spend the night in a cabin. In the morning, Guren finds YÅ«kimaru playing an instrument that his mother gave him. After giving him a crystalized camellia that would never die, Guren and YÅ«kimaru head back out.


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