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My Life Will Never Be The Same

Discussion in 'latest News in Trinidad & Tobago' started by alexk, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. alexk

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    An inconsolable Salasha Ali says her life will never be the same in the wake of Friday’s accident in which industrial equipment fell off a truck and almost crushed her to death. While she thanked God for saving her life yesterday, Ali, 30, said she fears the injuries she sustained will never heal 100 per cent.

    Strong enough to speak despite being in excruciating pains in her bed at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC), Ali cried: “I thank God for life but my whole life just gone in front of my eyes. I will never be the same again. How will I take care of my two children, they need me…my husband needs me. Will I ever live my life normal again?”

    Ali sustained a broken right arm and is expected to undergo reconstructive surgery on it next Tuesday.

    “I was told that my bones cannot mend back on its own due to the extent of damages. My arm was shattered.”

    Her pelvic bone is also severely damaged causing numbness in the legs and she received injuries to her head and spine.

    Ali was unable to move any part of her body on the right side yesterday and broke down in tears as she recalled the moments just before the industrial welding plant flew off a three-tonne truck and landed on her along Chin Chin Road in Cunupia. Ali’s 12-year-old daughter Saleena also sustained minor injuries during the incident

    Ali yesterday said she believes she had died on the scene for a moment and shared her “outer body experience.”

    “I had now pack out the table and as I bend down to see about the ochroes I had in a box and I hear something and when I look up this huge thing hit me. I didn’t know anything after that, except that my soul came out and I saw my two children bawling and crying for me,” Ali said.

    “I remember seeing a big white flash and just like that, I felt my body jolted and like my soul snap back into my body. I remembered opening my eyes but not being able to see clearly in front of me. I was not myself…ever since I am in so much pain…too much to bear.”

    Ali said this week she was supposed to buy things for the children ahead of the reopening of school next week.

    “I am a poor person and my family is very poor but I work very hard and more hard to see my children off to school and getting their education. I have no money. My daughter, although she got an injury to the eye, she is crying out for pain all over her body every night. I can only watch them through the window here (referring to the ward), I cannot even hug my children.”

    Ali said she the owner of the construction company whose truck was involved in the accident had visited her and offered grocery items.

    “I don’t want that…what could that do for me right now? My life destroyed. I need to be properly well compensated. The driver should be held responsible and should be in jail. The driver never even come to see me…nothing,” Ali lamented.

    Ali’s husband, Michael Sookwah, yesterday met with his attorney to seek legal advice.

    “We want justice. My wife crying too much and I can’t sit and do nothing.”The T&T Guardian understands that the truck driver, who is said to be in his early 20s, was only recently employed with the company.

    Efforts to reach the company’s owner yesterday were unsuccessful as he did not return calls. Officers of the Cunupia Police Station are continuing investigations.

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