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Minister Camille Robinson-regis Has Not Disclosed To State Bank First Citizens

Discussion in 'Politics and Gov Discussions' started by unknown, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    NOTHING FURTHER TO SAY: Camille Robinson-Regis

    MORE than one year later, Planning and Sustainability Minister Camille Robinson-Regis has not disclosed to State bank First Citizens (FCB) the source of $143,800 she used to transact business at the financial institution.

    In fact, the documents supplied by Republic Bank to FCB did not cover the withdrawals the Minister claimed she had made from that bank to cover her transactions at First Citizens.

    The transactions, which raised red flags, caused the bank to call on the Minister to account for how the cash was obtained.

    Robinson-Regis has since closed her FCB account citing a confidentiality breach.

    Contacted last Friday morning and asked to comment on her non-disclosure to FCB, Robinson-Regis said: “I have already spoken on this matter. It is closed.”

    Pressed further on the reason(s) why she did not disclose to FCB her source of funds having walked into the establishment with $143,800 in cash, but instead closed the account, Robinson-Regis said: “If you want to write whatever you want to write then go ahead. But I have nothing further to say.”

    On January 8, 2016, Robinson-Regis walked into the Arima branch of First Citizens with cash totalling $143,800.

    The Sunday Express understands Robinson-Regis conducted two cash transactions—a payment to the T&T Mortgage Finance Company in the sum of $60,030 via a manager's cheque #70260 and secondly, a payment of $16,000 to a Visa card

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