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I Don't Care About The Unc, Much Less The Pnm.

Discussion in 'Politics and Gov Discussions' started by unknown, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. unknown

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    Country before party.

    What i do care about is my MOTHERLAND Trinidad and Tobago. A place where, in my teenage days were engulfed with joy and happiness, now into adulthood and to see the state of this country deteriorate, by the hands of greedy, selfish politicians.. and before i forget... those who ardently follow, these same greedy, selfish politicians, without question or reservation, has become simply overbearing.

    If a man "MURDERS" someone and is acquitted, does that mean that he is really "NOT GUILTY" because the court says so, or does it mean that the "EVIDENCE" gathered was not sufficient in order to have reached a guilty verdict?

    If the murderer has people on the "INSIDE" who could tamper with the evidence.. Would it be justice served or injustice?

    It's the same thing with POLITICIANS, they drive their fancy cars, sail on their fancy yachts, live in their fancy homes, their children go to the best universities etc. - all at the expense of the citizens. So the question arises: Where do they get all this money to afford such lifestyles? Some will say that they have businesses... But there are a lot of businesses where money is being laundered through in this country, thus only acting as FRONTS.

    If you earn it legally, pay your taxes and abide by the laws of the land, i have no problem, However for many years i have asked for all politicians to "DECLARE their ASSETS", so that the public could peruse. This has never been done.

    While there seems to be no evidence of "CORRUPT" politicians in this country - and i say this because no one has been found guilty of such acts recently, the corruption perception index tells a different story. As per the scenario, just because they are not "CAUGHT" does not mean they are not guilty. It simply means they they have mastered the art of deception and thievery.

    Modern day illiteracy does not mean that you cannot read or write... but it means that those who suffer from cognitive dissonance, those who are unwilling to unlearn and relearn when presented with "FACTS" are in fact illiterate.

    Stand for a better Trinidad and Tobago.. Don't stand for corrupt politicians. Lets all make T&T the paradise it ought to be.

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