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Help Save The Cats At The Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Discussion in 'Crime and Outlaws' started by unknown, Apr 15, 2018.

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    Jul 25, 2015
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    Yesterday a person by the name of Faraaz Abdool posted about cats killing Scarlet Ibis and they need to be humanely euthanized. Yes you heard that right..blaming the cats! Instead of blasting the poachers who hunt the Scarlet Ibis for their meat and curry it in their kitchen and making omelettes with their eggs we are blaming the innocent cats who were cruelly dumped by us heartless humans. Take a look at the newspaper article, how much can a cat kill compared to human poachers with guns? You do the logic! Interviewing the boat operators they said every single say loud gun fires are being heard from the poachers shooting the Ibis. Did the people who work their everyday of their lives and make a living out of showing people the Ibis talk about cats? NO!

    Abdool do you know how the cats got there in the first place? Did you know it was cruel humans that dumped them there leaving them to fend for themselves? Saying "it is besides the point" is an ignorant statement. Did you know how many posts i saw on facebook from people begging the government and other people to help the animals there. Let's be clear about one thing if this lackadaisical government put serious animal cruelty laws in place and have spay/neuter programs this would not happen.

    From what i gather , local animal rescue groups and private rescue organizations have been rescuing animals from the Bird Sanctuary but do so out of their own pockets with no donations or help from the government. And it was appalling to see CLARENCE RAMBHARAT replying to the facebook post but cannot even reply to people who genuinely need help and more serious issues of this country. Serious issues Mr. Rambharat should be addressing and trying to curb are the illegal wildlife and meat from Venezuela coming into our country.

    Instead of encouraging people to feed the cats or take them home or donate to these people who save the animals there so that they can do more for the area, the post took on a bad motive by people now seeing cats in a bad light and encouraging them to shoot, kill and hunt the cats. Before anything can be put into place now, the cats are going to be killed by humans because of this post made by Mr. Abdool.

    I agree Abdool should of put his camera to good use and highlight the plight of the animals in need of rescuing in the area instead of painting them to be damaging to tourism. As a bird man it is disheartening to love an animal but blind to another animal species. Where is your compassion ? Have a heart !

    We now are in the fight to encourage people to not hurt the cats but feed them, rescue them, donate to the animal rescuers and private organizations so they can rescue more of the animals.

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