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Griffith Not Out To Please Everyone

Discussion in 'latest News in Trinidad & Tobago' started by alexk, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says he intends to meet with members of the business and private sector in the coming weeks.

    Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday, Griffith said it is important to hear from everyone as he strategises and puts measures in place to deal with the crime problem.

    Already, Griffith has started “surprise” visits to police stations across the country, visiting nine on Saturday and he says his intention is to visit all 70 stations across the length and breadth of the country.

    He explained that the “quick short inspections and visits” are aimed at hearing the concerns of the officers assigned to those stations “without anyone being prepared.” The visits, he said, are being done without the knowledge of anyone and will be impromptu.

    He said the objective is to get a first-hand knowledge “to look at the situation, to look at the surroundings, look at the shortcomings, look at the requirements, it may be simple things that can be rectified, logistics support required.” Griffith noted that sometimes it may be simple things required to improve the public perception of professionalism at the police stations.

    Thus far, he said, “I have learnt a lot and have seen minor things that can be easily rectified that will improve the image of the Police Service in the eyes of the public and which will also assist in trying to get the police officers at the stations to feel more comfortable in their surroundings.”

    Noting that speaking to the officers at the stations was critical to his mission, he said, “I am able to understand what they think about the police service, what they think should be done. It is very important that I get that hands-on approach and get the feel of the troops on the ground, hear what they have to say.”

    The top CoP said he has also been having discussions with every head of department, divisional commanders and head of the specific units “to personally hear their needs, listen to their concerns, get their recommendations, let them understand my thought process, how I intend to guide the Police Service in the near future.” So far, he said he has also held 50 meetings with the heads and representatives.

    Griffith has also deemed the setting up of a personal line—482-Gary—where the public is invited to provide information about crime, a success. Quite in contrast to what critics of the initiative may think, Griffith said it had proven to be very effective.

    He said, “You can never please everyone and I am not here to please everyone. I am here to do a job. The fact of the matter is that we continue to receive thousands of text messages, so it shows in contrast to what one or two persons may think. This has proven to be effective.”

    However, he said it is a “temporary measure until there is a more scientific approach to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to send information to me at the Office of Commissioner of Police without any fear of reprisal.”

    The CoP said the initiative had provided an important opportunity to the public and there was a lot of information which has been passed on to the relevant units to verify if this can turn into viable information and evidence to arrest people or individuals.

    “The 482-Gary line is just one of the many avenues you will see in the very near future that will bridge that gap and once that happens and it continues it will play a very big part to get results in major crime reduction,” he said.

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