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Government Ministers' Families Do Their Biddings

Discussion in 'Politics and Gov Discussions' started by LadyDeath, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. LadyDeath

    LadyDeath Senior Marketing Officer
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    As we all know Government Ministers are always in some form of racket or bribery, as seen over the years. It is very easy here in small Trinidad to find out their buisness and public records so they hire people to do their bidding . These people are usually close family and friends or contractors working for them.

    On my last post HDC Racket there was a point about Ministers buying land but it was done under someone else's name. Well this is a story written on the papers today taken from the Guardian Newspaper :

    This was not the only time. On breaking Barriers when the tv show used to be on air, Inshan also pointed out a very Prominent Minister that had more than 3 houses all listed under a close family member's name so it could not be traced back to him.

    And that's not the end there. So when you think bribery could not be traced, think again. Just look a poor man Jack, who used his ALLEDGED bribery to pay off loans and put money in his sons' back accounts etc.

  3. Shadowhunter

    Shadowhunter Active Member

    Nov 10, 2014
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    Don't forget corporations and businesses. A lot of people in power, such as government officials, pass everything through their corporation or business name so it can't be traced back to them directly eg when searching for owner names on deeds, especially when conveniently used for personal taxes. I think it also extends past family members to include friends and business partners etc as well.

    I don't think it matters how the money is used re:Jack. If it is illegal and bribery etc. it is not right regardless of what it is used for IMO otherwise it would be accepted for a lot of people to be stealing from the corrupt wealthy to give to the poor & needy rather than for personal gain.
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  4. nirtime

    nirtime Active Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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    I heard about this and there is a lot that I heard from others as well. When we will this come to an end?
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