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Discussion in 'Auto Parts & Accessories' started by admin, Jun 13, 2014.

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    1) Start the title of the thread with FS: (For Sale), WTB: (Want To Buy) WTT: (Want To Trade), or FREE:.

    2) In the body of your For Sale or For Trade post, please use the format below to list THE BASIC FACTS for each item being sold or traded:


    A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):
    B. Condition:
    C. Price/What you want to trade for:
    D. Location of item:
    E. Picture of item for sale or for trade with a sheet of paper with the following on it:

    - Your user name
    - DriveAccord
    - Today's date


    If the For Sale or For Trade post does not follow the above format, it may be deleted without any notice. If it get's deleted, don't complain since you didn't follow the rules.

    Can't provide all the BASIC FACTS? Then you're not ready to post.

    3) All items sold or traded must be your own personal property (no selling/trading for someone else). You must personally own the item and be accountable for the condition and delivery of the item for sale or for trade.

    All items sold must also be in quantities that are reasonable for use in normal applications. In other words, no bulk or volume sales (bulk sales mean > 1 item).

    4) Prohibited items:

    - No bootleg/pirated software (This includes copies of navigation DVDs)
    - Illegal material/stolen property
    - No Pornographic or Not Work Safe (NWS) items are to be sold or traded in this forum
    - Alcohol, tobacco, or any type of related products

    If you're posting a sale for software (i.e. computer, gaming console, navigational discs), movies, or software bundled with other items, you are required to post a picture of the item(s) with its seal of authenticity or other means to verify that the item is genuine.

    5). DO NOT bump the thread more than once per day. A ?bump? is a post to get your thread back to the top of the page.

    6) Please post in your thread when each item has been SOLD or ask a Moderator to lock it.

    7) DO NOT create a new thread for items that you have previously posted For Sale (FS) or For Trade (FT). Bump your old thread.

    8) You MUST list an asking price.

    9) Please keep any discussions (i.e. posts) on topic/relevant to the item(s) for sale or trade.

    This is for the seller's benefit. An interested buyer shouldn't have to read through a bunch of posts to see if the item has been sold or not, that the price has been lowered, that the seller is now willing to ship, etc.....

    Excessive chatter will result in the deletion of the thread. Have a comment? PM the seller.


    All transactions are the responsibilities of the parties involved. We are not responsible or liable for any transactions that may go bad. Please use sound judgment when you make a purchasing and payment decision.

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