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Choosing the Right Gear Part 5 of 5: Other Motorcycle Gear

Discussion in 'General Automobile Discussion' started by The Dude, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. The Dude

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    Jul 5, 2015
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    This is Part 5 of 5 of the series "Choosing the Right Gear"

    The following is an excerpt from a book that I am currently working on entitled "Beginner's Motorcycle and Riding Theory". The book is designated for prospective riders that have no prior experience with motorcycles. It will take the rider through all of he ins and outs of owning a motorcycle and being a safe rider. The information from this book draws on lessons learned from my experiences throughout my first year of riding. Some lessons were learned the easy way, some the hard way, some passed on by more experienced riders and a lot from online research.


    Knee and Shin Guards
    Knee and shin guards provide impact protection to the knee and shins in the case of an accident. There are three basic types of knee and shin guards that are available. The knee and shin guards should complement the rest of the rider’s safety gear to provide maximum overall protection and comfort.

    Knee Guards without shin protectors
    cover only the knee. Due to their small size they are compatible with any riding attire that does not already include any form of knee protection.

    Knee with upper shin protectors
    extend down to cover the upper half of the shin. These can be worn with racing or touring boots that extend halfway up the calf to give added protection to the shins.

    Knee with full shin guards
    are most effective when there is no other protection available to protect either the knee or the shins. These guards start above the knee and extend to the lower calf.

    Knee braces
    offer the same protection from impact and abrasion as knee guards; however, knee braces also restrict twisting and lateral bending of the knee and lower leg to prevent injuries to the tendons and ligaments in the event of an accident. Knee braces are can tethered to the top of racing boots to transfer any twisting motion of the lower leg directly to the femur, thereby sparing the knee from those harmful forces.

    Elbow Pads
    Elbow pads can come with or without forearm protectors and are mean to be worn when no other forearm or elbow protection is available. Good pads will protect from impact and abrasion.

    Balaclavas are available for both warm and cold climate but are not worn by most riders. They can be worn to improve the comfort of a helmet by keeping the rider’s head warm or cool and can also be used to deflect the rider’s breath to prevent fogging of the visor. Some riders opt to use balaclavas to prevent themselves from having to remove the helmet lining for cleaning as well.

    Rain Suits
    Rain suits allow the rider to ride to ride through moderate to heavy rains without getting wet. Single piece rain suits that cover the entire body are available as well as rain jackets and pants that may be purchased separately. Because rain suits are meant to fit over the rider’s clothes, sizing is not as important as protective gear. User reviews also give the good idea of the performance of the rain suit at higher speeds where increased air flow pushes water droplets with increased force.

    This article has been provided for illustration purposes only and the writer takes no liability for any damages or harm that may occur as a result of following the instructions in this article.This article may not be reproduced in any way or form without the expressed permission from the author in writing. For more information or permission to use/reproduce this article elsewhere please contact "The Dude" on trinimotors.com

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