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Choosing the Right Gear Part 3 of 5: Jackets

Discussion in 'General Automobile Discussion' started by The Dude, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. The Dude

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    Jul 5, 2015
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    This is Part 3 of 5 of the series "Choosing the Right Gear"

    The following is an excerpt from a book that I am currently working on entitled "Beginner's Motorcycle and Riding Theory". The book is designated for prospective riders that have no prior experience with motorcycles. It will take the rider through all of he ins and outs of owning a motorcycle and being a safe rider. The information from this book draws on lessons learned from my experiences throughout my first year of riding. Some lessons were learned the easy way, some the hard way, some passed on by more experienced riders and a lot from online research.

    A proper jacket can significantly reduce the amount of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident because of its large coverage area. Many jackets include padding to protect the back, chest, kidneys, shoulders, elbows and forearms from impact. A lot are made out very abrasion resistant materials and protect the entire upper body from ?road rash? injuries.



    Top grain cow hide leather (usually around 1mm to 1.5mm thick) is widely used in motorcycle safety gear because of its excellent resistance to abrasion. Other leather jackets may not offer the same level of abrasion resistance as the top grain cow hide leather. Leather jackets may be padded or unpadded. Unpadded motorcycle jackets will not protect the rider from impact injuries.

    • Maximum protection from abrasion.
    • Padded jackets also offer impact protection.
    • Good quality jackets are very durable and can withstand multiple accidents.
    • Offer good protection from the weather.


    • Heavy.
    • Expensive.
    • Can become uncomfortable in warm weather.
    • Some can take days to dry if completely soaked during heavy rains.

    Textile jackets were introduced to overcome some of the limitations of leather jackets and are generally padded. New textile technology continues to increase the abrasion resistance of these jackets

    • Lightweight
    • Very good protection from abrasion and impacts
    • Offer good protection from the weather. Some are even made to withstand heavy rains
    • Cheaper compared to leather jackets
    • More comfortable in warm weather than leather jackets

    • Can only withstand one significant accident before it must be replaced.
    • Not as padded as 1.5mm thick top grain cow hide leather jackets.

    Mesh Jackets are essentially textile jackets where the textile has been woven into a mesh to allow better airflow to the rider and increase comfort in hotter riding conditions. Mesh jackets are also usually padded.

    • Lightweight.
    • Good protection from abrasion and impacts
    • More comfortable in warm weather than textile jackets

    • Can only withstand one significant accident before it must be replaced.
    • Not as padded at thicker leather jackets.

    Body Armour Jacket
    Full armour jackets are consist of all of the necessary armour (forearm, elbow, shoulder, back and kidney) held in place by just enough mesh to keep the pads securely in place and retain the jackets shape. Although many street motorcycle riders wear these jackets, there are ideally designed for off-road and motocross riding where impact injuries are more prevalent.

    • Very Lightweight
    • Very breathable
    • Very good impact protection
    • Cheaper when compared to other jackets

    • Only padded areas can withstand abrasion.
    • No protection from weather or elements

    Chest Armour
    Chest armour consists only of cheat and back pads and therefore does not provide any protection to the other areas of the upper body. This type of armour by itself is therefore not very effective.

    • Lightweight

    • No protection to areas of the upper body that are commonly injured.

    This article has been provided for illustration purposes only and the writer takes no liability for any damages or harm that may occur as a result of following the instructions in this article.This article may not be reproduced in any way or form without the expressed permission from the author in writing. For more information or permission to use/reproduce this article elsewhere please contact "The Dude" on trinimotors.com

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