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Are Churches pressuring their members to donate 10% or more of their income to the Church

Discussion in 'Society & Culture' started by admin, May 20, 2016.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator
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    Jan 23, 2008
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    Are Churches pressuring their members to donate 10% or more of their income to the Church


    Who is benefiting? Why do we need to pay 10 % of our salary to a church, which have no social responsibility to the local communities?

    Churches run on charitable status and so therefore do not pay any tax yet demand and accumulate 10% of its member’s salaries tax-free.

    The question is why do the churches demand the 10% if they give nothing away to the Government or the local community?

    Should the paying of tithe be optional or compulsory this is debatable?

    With the recession and the rising unemployment rate should churches play an active role in getting engaged in social responsibilities?

    Many church families are going hungry to save some money to pay their tithe and satisfy their Ministers and church members.

    The question is what are churches actively doing to review hardship among families among them and measure to reduce any stress?

    Or do churches get involved in developmental issues?

    Currently, many churches hardly contribute to local development for example, routine general cleaning of communities before or after church to keep communities clean and tidy.

    The spreading the word of God and life of our Lord does not equate to looting and amassing church wealth or does it?

    This would encourage congregants who struggle to pay their tithe to know the there are the strategic objective of their church.

    Why are churches investing in even building more churches?

    Churches have often preyed on people’s emotionally vulnerability in times of real need.

  3. unknown

    unknown Member

    Jul 25, 2015
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    I one church for sure preaches if you give more than 10% the lord will bless you with more prosperity. This church is The Universal Church Of God, I know 2 people one working for Only 1500TT per month and Has to pay 10% and another who works for 4000TT has to pay 10% from this very church. ​
    This is shit and the biggest Pyramid scheme ever, because they encourage their members to go and encourage other to join so they can get more money.
  4. LadyDeath

    LadyDeath Senior Marketing Officer
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    I am not going in any church to pay any 10% of my hard working money. You do not even see where this money going or what is it going towards. Some of these churches have no donation drives, no charity events, no social events for that fact but taking the money. They say for these poor people to give money , but the church doesn't even give back to the members when time comes around. Churches now are a money making business, where pastors become rich and drive big bmws and prados. I will continue to give my charity to my community where i can see a difference for myself.
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