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2JZ-GTE Engine Tuning Tips

Discussion in 'Auto Modifications Section' started by Sky22, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Sky22

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    May 13, 2014
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    Toyota 2JZ-GTE Engine
    Commonly found in: Mk4 Supra and Aristo.
    Spec: 3ltr 24V straight-six, twin sequential turbos
    Standard Power: 280-320bhp

    Potential Power: 1500bhp+

    One of the most famous engines in modern engine tuning, it?s well known for a very good reason; it?s astoundingly strong and has incredible potential.

    With the best part of 2000bhp possible from this turbocharged straight-six, and the current standing mile record for a 2JZ Supra being 246mph, over 40mph faster than a Veyron can do in the same distance, it?s one of the best engines ever made.

    It first appeared in the early ?90s, allegedly as a response to Nissan?s RB26 engine, which was dominating touring car racing worldwide. But due to rule changes, the 2JZ was never used in circuit racing, leaving Supra and Aristo road cars to be powered by this immensely tunable engine.

    The first thing to mention about this unit is that 1000bhp is actually possible on a standard engine. It?s also quite commonplace for 2JZs with over 700bhp to have a standard bottom end and remain reliable.

    Starting at the beginning, with a little more boost and a better exhaust system the standard twin turbos can take the car to around 400bhp.

    To be honest, the sequential turbo setup is complex and little more than a gimmick once the car is tuned, so one of the first steps beyond 400bhp is a single turbo conversion along with uprated fueling and engine management to suit.

    When going for a single turbo conversion, most people head for 600bhp or more as reliability and drivability aren?t really issues. There are stroker kits available which can increase the capacity to 3.4ltr, but the majority of big power cars stick with 3ltr.

    Not only can the standard crank happily withstand 1300bhp or more, but keeping it at stock stroke enables the big 2J to happily rev to 8500rpm.

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