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Movie Towne Chaguanas 3D movies

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Movie Towne Chaguanas 3D movies

Postby admin » 25 Jan 2011 18:04

About Movie Towne Chaguanas 3D movies,
i went there a few days ago i spend 60 dollars on one of the 3D movies tickets and i was not impressed at the quality of the movie at all. Even if Movie Towne if one of the only movie theaters that have the 3D screens, they should do something about the quality. It was good the 3d effects from the movie but the movie looked so blurry that it hurt my eyes. Plus the cost is over too much, you maybe saying if i complaining then don't go, its not about that, if i'm paying so much money too see a movie at least let the quality be great.
Also the food prices are ridiculous and you only get a small of it, they only thing that is great for the price is the popcorn.
Come on Movie Towne stop thinking about money only and start thinking about your customers
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Re: Movie Towne Chaguanas 3D movies

Postby LadyDeathDemon » 26 Jan 2011 18:02

We have no choice to spend that amount sometimes because all the small comfortable cinemas are closing down such as globe where we used to spend 10 or 5 dollars to see a movie. I find the cost is too much for me but i dont have no where else to go to see a good movie ... anyone know any other cinemas in the area?
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