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Blink Entertainment.

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Blink Entertainment.

Postby Wyspa » 21 Feb 2010 10:34

If you haven't heard as yet, TSTT is since jumped into the digital-tv realm with their offering under their "Blink" brand. The name of the service is called "Blink Entertainment". Blink Entertainment currently has three packages that you can choose from, "Lite" , "Basic" and "Advanced" packages. The available channels in the service is impressive considering that they are now coming to market. Lets discuss them for a minute.

Lite: Blink Entertainment Lite offer over 30 channels. The package costs $99.00 monthly VAT inclusive. These channels are more tailored to family entertainment. Network channels are what make up the bulk of this package. e.g. CBS, NBC, FOX etc.. There are no movie chanels in this package. Customers can add them and other channels however to the package via the same channel options mechanism that FLOW/Directv/Greendot currently uses.

Basic: Blink Entertainment Basic offer over 80 channels. Its priced at $199.00 monthly VAT inclusive. The package is has all the channels offered in "Lite" plus extras. This package is more balanced for those that want a lil bit more options. It has all the network channels as well as movie offerings such as TNT, Space, Lifetime Movie Network and Cinecal. It also has sports channels. You can add HBO, MAX and other channels if you choose for an additional cost.

Advanced: Blink Entertainment Advanced offeres over 100 channels. This package has a promotional offer of $219.00 monthly VAT inclusive until Feburary 28h 2010. After which it will cost $299.00. This packae has all the chanels of "Basic" plus more channels. It has more networ channels like UPN, mre movie channels ofering like Movie City, Cinemax and Max Prime. There's more sports channels, FOX Sports, ESPN2, Outdoor channel, Soccer etc. There's also business channels in the foray also. It's designed for those that want a little bit of everything.

As you can see that TSTT, under its Blink brand is coming really agressive to the market. They also have different set-top boxes for you to choose from. There's the normal set-top box, the DVR which can pause, rewind or fast forward live tv. They are also offering a HD-DVR which is need for the High-def offerings. Presently their HD lineup is poor. In no way comparable to Directv or Flow. Blink Entertainment also offer Video on Demand (VOD or Pay-per- View). All three packages have access to Video on Demand. They have an on-screen tv guide like FLOW/Directv. So you can see what shows are coming up in advance. Parental controls are also present. So you can have control over what you kids are watching.
Their entrance has certainly out-done that of Green-dot. The Basic package is the one that they will market more agressively in my opinion. Its price along the same as the competition and offers over 80 channels. Good channels too. TSTT is also offering "Double Play" bundles which is Digital TV+ Internet. And "Triple play" which is Digital TV+Internet+phone. And they have really impressive bundles. They have made a statement with their launch. Their here and here to stay. There's a double-play bundle that i'm considering. It offers Digital tv Basic (over 80 channels $199.00) plus internet (1mb) for $332.00 monthly. That's good for me because my internet (1mb) in addition to the line rental costs $207.00 a month. And the Digital TV Basic costs $199.00 per month by itself. So if I can have Internet(1mb) plus the Basic digital tv for $332.00 that works out really good for me.
Check it out here: http://www.blinkentertainment.tt/index. ... ertainment
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Re: Blink Entertainment.

Postby RauCous » 24 Feb 2010 18:27

pretty cool their smallest package covers network tv,
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